VinBus – Smart electric bus solution for future

Aiming at the green energy revolution, electric buses called VinBus are proving their ability to replace current petrol or diesel vehicles.
VinBus belongs to green bus line produced by Vingroup corporation in Vietnam; towards clean, energy-saving transportation solutions.

image of vinbus


If you have ever stood near a VinBus, you will realize that the bus operates without any noise, does not emit any polluting carbon. It is indeed a new innovation for the future trend of public transport

electric bus

The VinBus, manufactured by VinFast, has the same exterior design as a regular bus, with the highlight being the green lines representing the electric motor running from the front to the body. The battery is placed behind with a capacity of 281 kWh (281 electric numbers), helping the car travel 220-260 km on a single charge in ideal conditions.

inside vinbus

The space inside the car has 68 seats both standing and sitting, two electronic boards display information and travel routes. The interior layout is similar to conventional buses but with more electronics.

VinBus said the fare is similar to that of a regular bus, paid in cash, via the app or electronically.

Each vehicle has a driver and an assistant, an operation center will be arranged in each route to monitor the bus’s journey.

vinbus VinFast


There are 2 surveillance cameras that are transmitted to the control center to detect dangerous situations on the vehicle such as theft, or collision. Number plates, warning boards are placed under the camera and a box numbering priority seating positions for people with disabilities, the elderly, young children and pregnant women.

Internal routes have a route of 7-15 km with an average time of about 40 minutes. Externally operated routes have routes and times that may be the same as regular buses.

the wheel

Driving position with basic function keys such as opening the car door, button-type automatic gear lever and multi-information electronic clock.

The driver is supported by 4 cameras around the bus, which helps to eliminate the blind spot areas caused by the long body, especially when reversing.